Adorable Reindeer FLY ME UP HIGH :)


I'm a simple girl with wild imaginations :) you can call me Vida, 28 of September is the day :> Scroll down to know more about me~~♥


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chanyeol x luhan.♥‿♥

OMO! My ohteepee :>

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Fav GOT7 moments since debut 1/7 Mark

requested by anon

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Adorable Yixing ft  squishysoo (trans )

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Happy 2 Months Anniversary GOT7!!! #2monthswithGOT7 

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(^▽^)ゞMark’s various facial expressions ヽ(;゜Д゜)ノ for anonymous

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SNSD “Mr.Mr” Polaroid from Everysing

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J-hope has arrived, and that’s clearly all that matters /throws confetti/

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Can you please stay with me?

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chanyeol…what did you do to luhan

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