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Lay - 140724 ‘Celebrity Chef Has Arrived”s weibo update:” #叫你一声厨王敢不敢答应#看在张艺兴@努力努力再努力x 的辣椒够红够香,学厨艺的时候够认真,就暂且原谅他的鼻梁太挺,眼睛太深邃,微微低头品酒的样子太迷人吧!毕竟,对别人要宽容一些. 会做饭的男神天下无双,唯有江苏卫视星厨驾到”

Translation: “#When I call you King Chef do you dare reply #Witnessing that Zhang Yixing’s chillies are red and fragrant enough, learning that his cooking skills are serious enough, I will temporarily forgive that his nose bridge is so prominent, eyes are too deep, the way he slightly dips his head to taste the wine it’s too attractive! Actually, to other people we have to be a little more forgiving. A male God who can cook like this does not exist anywhere else, only at Jiangsu Cable Celebrity Chef Has Arrived!”

Credit: 江苏卫视广告营销部.

'How to avoid the sun' short cover by Jinyoung

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and we’re 2PM
and we’re never going down!!!!

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what ‘turn up’ means according to kim taehyung.

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gorgeous ladies ;)

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vote for your favorite seommer films now~!

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"To my eight unnies… I want to say that I am most thankful to you and I love you all the most… This very moment that all nine of us are together is so precious to me and it makes me so happy~! Let’s always trust and cherish each other ^^"

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skyrim + pastel colors

caps: (X)

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Starting from here, let’s make a promise
You and me, let’s just be honest
We’re gonna run, nothing can stop us
Even the night that falls all around us

Nothing can stop us, not now, I love you
They’re not gonna get us

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